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• Painting Services •

For all your specialised painting requirements and/or tailored painting programs Laurel are the people to see. Our services include:
Painting – If you need professionally executed painting work done at the best prices, Laurel Group is your best option, providing quality painting services for many years. We offer every kind of commercial painting requirement, and our skilled teams make certain to use only high-quality and durable materials only. Our painting services are designed to be flexible to fit individual customer needs, and they include –

  • Complete maintenance painting programs.
  • Total interior and exterior painting projects.
  • Specialised finishes.
  • Emergency and out of hours work.
  • Graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coatings.
  • Complete painting services of interiors
  • Complete painting services for exteriors, with the option of protective paint for durability and less damage
  • Custom specialized finishing work if needed
  • Removal of graffiti and application of anti-graffiti wall coating
  • Immediate response in case of emergency painting requirements