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November 21, 2018

Occupational Health and Safety

At Laurel Group, we care about all our workers and employees. We have always strived to give our employees a healthy, safe and secure environment to work in, so they can put in their best work without having to worry about their own personal safety. We continually upgrade and overhaul our occupational health and safety measures to make sure that we stay ahead of emergencies and provide an environment which is healthy and safe. Keeping with this philosophy, Laurel Group has implemented renewed measures for assuring all our workers that they are in safe hands. Here are a few things we implemented –

  1. Complete risk assessment for all procedures and locations, including office space and outdoor work. We have taken into account every possible situation and emergency which might hamper the well-being of our workers, and taken targeted preventive measures to ensure safety.
  2. A complete overhaul of fire safety has been done, including training workers about the use of protective gear and fire extinguishers, demarcation of emergency exit points and first aid training.
  3. We take care to ensure that all our workers who work with materials which contain corrosive or potentially toxic components do so wearing adequate protective gear. We also have a system in place for regular maintenance, repair and periodic upgrades of all protective gear.
  4. Laurel Group has also upgraded all health-related services. We provide our workers with state-of-the-art health care facilities which include periodic assessments, special tests for conditions particular in our field of work, treatment options and emergency response in case of critical situations.

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