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November 21, 2013

Laurel Goes Green

At Laurel Group, we take our commitment on environmental preservation extremely seriously. Corporate Social Responsibility forms a core focus as a unit, and we make every attempt to leave a good impression on our immediate environment and surrounding society. To this end, we have planned and implemented a number of ‘green’ measures to ensure that our products, approach, methods and services stay environment-friendly every time, every day. These measures will go a long way to cement our place as a green company which cares about the environment.

As a part of the process of going green, we have made the following changes –

  1. Complete energy audit and making simple changes to effect increase energy efficiency overall and lower waste. We have made requisite repairs and performed maintenance to significantly reduce our energy requirement.
  2. Laurel Group is now virtually paperless – we handle all our transactions and keep all our records and receipts inside IT and software systems, thus virtually eliminating the use of paper. Whatever little paper we use is specially sourced recyclable, eco-friendly paper.
  3. We have also taken steps to ensure upgrading of all equipment used to latest versions, resulting in more efficient operation and lesser use of energy. We only use energy efficient equipment and plan to keep upgrading so as to always maintain this stand.
  4. We have completely overhauled out waste management strategies to ensure that the products we use are disposed correctly and do not cause any harm to the surroundings.
  5. Laurel Group also plans to slowly start managing all power requirements by green power. Vehicles, resources and even office power generation efficient models will be reviewed going forward

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